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The YouTube channel Life Where I’m From started in 2015. The channel was created by Canadian Greg Lam, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan with his Japanese wife and equally Japanese and Canadian children. Life Where I’m From gives interesting and educational insight into the everyday, special events and uniquely Japanese aspects of life in Japan. The hope is through sharing these videos, what someone once thought was weird or strange can be viewed as normal, fascinating, or exciting. The channel is called Life Where I'm From because the plan was to show what life is like around the world. So far I've been failing at that, but I hope to remedy it in the future. For more videos, you can check out the X (extra) channel at We now have a Patreon page to help fund the making of mini-documentaries


Tokyo by Bike

Life Where I'm From

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Being Muslim in Japan

Life Where I'm From

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Being Japanese

Life Where I'm From

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