[ambience/ASMR]Magical machine room./Japan animation/Relaxing sound/1Hour/#StudioGhibli#SpiritedAway

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Genre: Film & Animation

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Shared November 7, 2019

Magical machine room sound, 1 hour.It will be healed by comfortable steam and the sound of the machine. The sound of the machine resembles white noise and is very calm. Soot under the magic carries its own coal. They burn their bodies, so there is a burning sound. This place is so hot that there is always water vapor.
This video was inspired by Studio Ghibli's work, Spirited Away. Healing videos for deep sleep. Please watch the video with earphones. Have a good time.

This video is an ASMR video with environmental sound as the main feature. The illustration uses photoshop provided by Adobe. Based on the city video, Aftereffect finishes more beautifully. The final editing uses Premium Pro.